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Terry Porter
Medium & Holistic Healer

 "...my commitment is to help others, share my knowledge, and have that same belief in others who are on their journey of themselves."
Terry Porter

           My story starts about  seventeen years ago. I was a chef manager for a business food service corporation. And on a Tuesday afternoon, I fell on a wet floor and broke my hip. I had to have a full hip replacement; thus ending that career…..

Not knowing which way was up for a while; it was about a year and a half before I could get on with my life as I knew it. But, what was I to get on with? In that moment of breaking my hip, my whole life had changed. Question was what do I do now? 
As I was getting better and was able to do more, my big thinking was “OK, where do I go from here and what the heck can I do? Who would hire me?” So, I decided to try taking night classes at the local high school. I signed up for 5 classes and low and behold, all but one got canceled. The one that I was able to take was called Physic Healing, at this time I knew nothing about any of this work. I didn’t know what a medium was or even had a reading for that matter… But, I went ahead and took the class. 
Well, that class changed my life forever, everything opened up, (of course I didn’t quit understand what was happening back then but, I kept going). The teacher told the class about the Spiritualist Church in Quincy. I asked him “what is a spiritualist church and where did you say it was?”  It took a couple of weeks to convince me but, I went he was right about everything he told me. Well, long story short I never looked back. I ended up joining the church association and trained to be a medium. I have never left the church and  in truth I will always consider it my home….
A fun story, there was a medium that came to the church to do the church service,
He came to me to give me a reading saying; that I was a medium too and would be lecturing and working with spirit, and had strong healing abilities, I thought to myself “I don’t think so….” Again, He was right and I was wrong. And I know now this is my life’s work, my purpose. And I would never trade it for anything. From that time on I’ve worked as Medium and a Holistic Healer, I have an office in Weymouth MA.

With my on going studies of energy work though all this time I also, have study Martial Arts, and currently I’m a black belt. 
I’ve been blessed with having many great teachers who believed in me, along my path and my commitment is to help others, share my knowledge, and have that same belief in others who are on their journey of themselves.
       Love and Light to you all, Terry 

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